Y6 prom and graduation photos 2014

The Y6 prom and graduation photos will be uploaded soon for you to look at. Please be patient as they take time and we are on holiday!! The video of the production will also be on the school website over the summer.

Thank you to everyone that contributed to this year’s successes and have a fantastic summer.

Mrs Broadbent

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Year 4 and Kearsley Academy rock Billingham!

On Wednesday, year 4 were lucky enough to go all the way up to Billingham to perform a dance routine to different schools in our NET family. We were all extremely proud of their confidence and professionalism!

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Mrs Brathwaite’s class have made their own version of an Iron Man! Which one is your favourite? Why do you like it?



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Year 4 ideas

In Year 4 we discussed ideas..

Hassan and Taslima with Casey thought that one at a time the Iron Man and the dragon could go in freezing cold ice water.

The Iron man and the dragon could go skydiving, and the first one to touch the ground could win, with only the use of a parachute.

Xander, Leoni

They could both go running,a long distance, with traps along the way, or carry something which is extremely heavy. They could jump somewhere too.

Huzaifa and Kaylum

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The Ferns at the Bolton Schools’ Music Festival

Well done to our choir who performed last night at the the Bolton Schools’ Music Festival at the Victoria Hall. They gave an outstanding performance of “Summer Holiday” and “We’re going swimming”using props.

Follow this link to read all about it in tonight’s Bolton News.



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High Rid year 4 trip

High Rid

High Rid

All of year 4 went to High Rid and we had lots of fun getting wet! I wonder what was your favourite part was?


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Around the World Non-Uniform Day

ghana flag flag brazil flag france flag of england flag of germany

On Friday June 13th, The Ferns will be celebrating the start of the World Cup by holding an Around the World Non-Uniform day. Children (and staff!) can come to school dressed in a costume inspired by any country in the world – it does not have to be a country taking part in the World Cup.

So you might want to wear the national costume of your country or any country you like, or alternatively you can wear the colours of the flag of your chosen country – e.g. red, white and blue for the UK, France and many others; green, white and red for Italy and so on.

School Council, who have organised this, are asking all children to bring £1 on the day. There will be prizes for the most imaginative costume in each class, so get thinking!

If parents or children need ideas or inspiration, please speak to your child’s teacher after half term or type “Around the World dressing up ideas for children” into your search engine. We look forward to celebrating the World Cup in colourful style at The Ferns!!


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This term we have been looking at solids and liquids in year 4. Can any of you write down any solids or liquids around your home? Remember the properties we explored!

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The Ferns make the news!


Well done, Ferns Academy magazine reporters! You produced an excellent informative magazine and now you have made the news yourselves! We are very proud of you.

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School magazine – out now!

The latest issue of the Ferns Academy magazine is now out! Our dedicated team of reporters has worked tirelessly to publish the magazine. At only 30p, it is an excellent read. The magazine will be on sale throughout next week – get your copy now!


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