Lockerbie Meeting

On Wednesday 11th May, we held our final meeting for Lockerbie. An itinerary of events was provided and rules for the residential were provided. If you were unable to attend, a copy of the pack that was given out is attached below. Only 8 days to go!

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Celebration at Frankie and Benny’s

After a ‘testing’ week for our Year 6 pupils, we all went for a celebratory tea at ‘Frankie and Benny’s’ restaurant. Each and every one of our ‘Big Ferns’ have shown massive resilience and determination this week and we are delighted that they used the SATs tests as an opportunity to display all that they have learned. To repeat what we have already said numerous times this year, we could not be any more proud of our amazing pupils.


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Enterprise Skill of the Week (Presentation Skills)

This week’s skill is presentation skills. At the Ferns Primary Academy, we are fostering within children an mind-set in which they have pride in their presentation, particularly the presentation of their walk. Also, through speaking and listening activities, we are building children’s verbal presentation skills. Here are some of the questions the children will be discussing this week in circle time:

What should our work look like in our books?

Why is it important to care about how our work looks?

Can you think of a time when you had to speak In front of people? How did you feel?

Why is it important to always look smart in our uniforms? How does looking smart reflect well on us?

Below you will find a photo showing examples of what we do during circle time on a Friday:

EYFS – EYFS is full of storytellers. We have been learning how to tell a story starting with a character, a setting, then a problem and the solution to end the story. Next week we will be writing our stories.

Year 1 – We have been speaking about presentation, particularly about the presentation of our work. We said our work should always: be cursive, be written on the line, be neat, have the date at the top, have an LO and anything stuck in should be neat and straight. We said it is important because lots of different people read our work including our teachers and Mrs Murphy.

Year 2 – In Year 2, the children have taken the time to think really hard about how our work should look like in books and why this is important. We have given importance to always being prepared at the start of the lesson with the correct tools and self-correcting any slips of standards when checking our own work. We will try and try again until we can make our work as perfect as it can be!

Year 3 – We have been thinking about our presentation in English all week and the children have been eagerly earning pen licences. Well done to the 18 children so far who can join their handwriting successfully. Although it has been incredibly hot this week, we have still been well-presented and have worn our school uniform. Thank you air-conditioning!

Year 4 – (Trip to Liverpool Museum)

Year 5 – This week, year 5 discussed the importance of taking pride in all aspects of presentation. For example, we discussed why it is important for our work to be nicely presented in books and how this reflects on us. We also discussed public speaking presentation skills and how being able to present ourselves well verbally can help us develop better relationships.

Year 6 – Even though Year 6 have been taking part in SATs they are still hard at work presenting wonderful pieces of writing for their portfolios. They will be using their presentation skills in their upcoming musical exstravaganza!

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A Message to Year 6…

Dear Year 6

On Monday you will be sitting your SATs tests. These tests are new to schools this year and are very challenging. I know you have been doing lots of work towards them. Well done for the attitude you have shown and the work you have put in. Look at these tests as a chance to ‘SHOW OFF!’ and do your very best.

Don’t be worried about them. They are very important and your teachers know that you will do your very best and achieve well. Have an early night before the test, rest and eat well. Every morning we will enjoy having breakfast together and we are really looking forward sharing a fun time after they are all over at Frankie and Benny’s.

Every child in year 6 across the county will be sitting these tests at the same time. This is so the Government can measure standards of children in year 6 across the whole country in English and maths. What these tests don’t measure are other important things that you have achieved in your time at Primary school. Things like independence and confidence and the way you all have grown as a team and support one another. They don’t measure the sporting achievements you have made or the skills you have developed in art, or how well you play a musical instrument. They don’t measure how unique and special every single one of you are; or the wonderful friendships you have made.

The smiles we see on your face very day when you come into school and the determination to succeed are priceless to us. We are very proud of you and we know that you will do your best to achieve the very best in your SATs.

Good luck

Mrs Murphy

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EYFS Assembly

Reception could have won ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ today! All the children performed circus acts including acrobats, clowns, tightrope walkers with our very own ringmaster introducing them. It was fantastic to have so many parents watching and thank you to them for providing the costumes. Thanks to Mr Morris for being a good sport when a clown throw a custard pie at him!

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School Council

Tuesday 3rd May 2016

In today’s school council meeting we wrote letters to the PTFA to request an end of year party for both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. This was a suggestion which was brought to one of our school councillor’s a few weeks ago; fingers crossed our PTFA agree to this. Here are some of our letters. school council letters 

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Skill of the week (Inquirers)

This week the skill of the week is inquirers. Inquirers are children who ask questions to nurture their curiosity. They learn with an enthusiasm which they carry throughout their lives and can learn independently or with others.

Some questions which we have been focusing on this week have been:

Why is it important to ask questions?

What would happen if you never asked any questions?

How can asking the right questions help us to improve our relationships with others?

Below you will find  examples of what we do during circle time on a Friday:


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Year 6 (SATs)


Monday 9th May is Key Stage 2 SATs week. Starting from Tuesday 3rd May and running until the end of SATs, all year 6 children will be attending breakfast club at 8:15am. Here, they will have access to a selection of cereals and toast free of charge so that they are fully prepared for the day ahead. Below is a timetable of the upcoming tests so that you can help your child revise and prepare at home.

Monday 9th May: Reading Test – 50 marks (1 hour)

Tuesday 10th May: Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar – 75 marks ( 1 hour and 20 minutes)

Wednesday 11th May: Arithmetic Test – 40 marks ( 30 minutes)

Maths Reasoning Test – 35 marks ( 40 minutes)

Thursday 12th May: Maths Reasoning Test – 35 marks ( 40 minutes)

Don’t forget, Thursday 12th May is the ‘SATs Celebration Meal’ at Frankie and Benny’s!

Useful Revision Links:……

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Year 2 (SATs Meeting)

We held a SATs information sharing meeting for our Year 2 parents and carers. Each parent was given a SATs survival pack to hellp their child through the next few weeks.

If you are a Year 2 parent and was unable to attend the meeting , you can still collect a pack from the school office.

If you would like any more information, please do not hesitate to contact the Year 2 team.


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EYFS (Circus Homework)

Reception have had the very important task of designing a 3D circus at home for our school display. As you can see we have been very creative using lots of different materials and resources to make all sorts of different shape and size circus’. Luckily we have very helpful parents on hand to lend a hand. We have had lot’s of fun this term learning all about the circus.


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