More elf adventures!

After an exciting day at the pantomime yesterday we were all eager to discover where in our classroom the elf would be.

What a surprise we got! He was lay in Rice Krispies on the floor.

Why do you think he was there?

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The elf’s adventure!

I didn’t even hear a “good morning” from the children this morning. The first thing they said was “where is our elf?”

We all looked very carefully and found him!

He had been having fun with our toys! We wonder what he will do over the weekend.

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The Elf

It was difficult to find our elf this morning, we all looked as soon as we got in class. Archie was very happy to find his Lego man back in his tray! But where is the elf?


Wow! We wondered how did he get so high? What do you think?

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Where is our elf?

We came in this morning and couldn’t find our elf! After a search around our classroom we found him on the Christmas tree.

How did he get there? Do you know? When we looked closely we saw a Lego figure in his hands. This was quite a mystery.  Then Archie looked in his tray and his Lego figure had disappeared!

We are wondering what will happen to it, what do you think?

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Our surprise visitor

Yesterday we found glitter on the floor. When we looked closely there was a small door.

We talked about who may have left it there, how it got there and what we should do. We decided to leave it alone and see if it was there the next day.

Well this morning look what we found!

We think Santa has sent the elf and the elf built a Lego wall around himself. I wonder if he will still be there tomorrow!

We will let you know.




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Boo Boo visit

We were lucky to have a visit from Boo Boo the owl.

She was very calm and let the children and adults stroke her. She showed us her wing span and we found out all about where owls live, what they eat and how they hunt their food.


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Stay and Play

A lovely morning sharing our our learning with Mums, Dads, Grandads and Nans.


We think our parents enjoyed making spaceships with us and can’t wait to share our learning in class again!


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Space drawing

Mrs Broadbent enjoyed drawing planets in space under the table today.

We drew planets, space ships and a meteorite heading for earth!

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What did the alien say?

Great imaginations and writing skills today. We decided what the aliens would say to us if they met us.

What would you say to the aliens?


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Spaceship Building

We were building spaceships today with bricks.

Unfortunately this one couldn’t fly so another was built, amazing team work and problem solving.

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