Research led practice

This week at The Ferns we have been thinking about how our curriculum meets the needs of our children and the wider curriculum. We spent the summer term developing our wider curriculum -ensuring we teach the knowledge that enables our children to apply their skills in geography, history and science. If our children are to become accomplished geographers and historians we recognise there is a body of knowledge they need to learn in order to understand and interpret the world around them. One of our barriers to learning this knowledge is long term memory.

To help us design lessons ad learning to embed knowledge we have been looking at some research around retrieval practice. Over the coming weeks we will be designing strategies to help with long term memory. The research can be found below…


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Our vision

As part of Northern Education Trust, the Ferns Praimry Academy holds  a shared vision:

We constantly focus on standards as we understand outcomes
are paramount. Our decision making is driven entirely by
what is best for children. By doing this we enhance the
life chances of the children and young people in our care.

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Welcome Back

Learning here at  The Ferns has got off to a great start. Each half term we use a new ‘quality’ text’ to inspire our writing and exploration of the curriculum.


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Ferns-fest 2018

School is preparing for our last day of term. Tomorrow the whole school will be heading down to the field for fern-fest 2018. Classes are busy preparing headdresses and accessories as well as practicing dance routines, songs and performances ready for Ferns-fest!



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Stay safe this summer!

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service contacted school recently about their Safe 4 Summer campaign.

In school we have completed some work on fire and water safety. Keep yourselves safe this summer!


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Year 6 French field trip have arrived!

Year 6 are settling into their home for the week.

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Ahoy there

Year 5 returned from the half term holiday to be greeted with their theme for this half term….

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The Ferns adopt a professional violinist.

Here at The Ferns, we are taking part in the Hallé Education adopt-a-player programme which involves workshops, a concert at The Bridgewater Hall in Manchester and a final performance.

The adopt-a-player programme gives children the opportunity to attend Hallé concerts at The Bridgewater Hall and engage in music education. For many of the children this was their first experience of attending a classical concert and visiting the Hall, one of the UK’s finest venues. It also encourages direct interaction between professional musicians, young people, teachers, community leaders and parents.

The Hallé Orchestra ranks among the UK’s top symphonic ensembles and the players are considered the finest in the world, coming from fourteen countries to play and work in Manchester. All are essential to the huge community and outreach schemes such as the adopt-a-player programme.

The school has ‘adopted’ Nicola Clarke, a violinist for the Hallé Orchestra.  The children met Nicola for the first time when she came to the school for the first workshop. Nicola brought along percussion instruments and carried out activities on rhythm and pace. She also allocated roles and instruments to the children to practice in preparation of their final performance at the end of the project.

As part of the Northern Education Trust, we are committed to inspiring their students through different teaching methods. The school curriculum has timetabled music lessons from nursery to year six. Several of the children play musical instruments both in and out of school including the drums, violin, recorder, guitar and piano. Being involved with Hallé education allows the children to further explore their musical interests.

The children were mesmerised at the Hallé concert, it was something they had never experienced before. One of the pupils said they expected it to be a bit boring, but after the concert added that ‘it was amazing’.’

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Thanks to BWFC

Year 5 welcomed a championship referee to school, they learned about what it takes to be a referee and all of the equipment they have to use and wear. The children were shown the different shirts they wear and the reasoning behind the colour choices.

The children discussed the rules of the game and the importance of teamwork. They were then invited to produce a presentation on how they could improve all of the difference items a referee had to have.


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Books books books

Reading is a key skill here at The Ferns Academy. We’ve invested over £3000 in books this term with more to follow.

Years 4 and 5 will be finding out about Accelerated Reader in the summmer term.


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