The stage is up!

How exciting! The stage is up!

Today Year 1 and Reception had their first Christmas play practice on the stage. We practised walking on and off the stage very carefully!

We are getting to know the songs very well.

Here is a picture of us practising the songs. They are all about counting.


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Perfect Predictions

What a fantastic story!

Year 1 did a super job of predicting what would happen in the story!

We could tell that it was all about the Queen’s Handbag from the title of the book. Then we looked at the pictures on the front cover to discover it is a swan who steals it! But this time it is not the Queen’s guards who chase it but the police instead!

After we had worked this out we predicted where the swan would take the Handbag. We had some fantastic suggestions such as the moon, Africa and the swimming baths.

Keep an eye on our blog to discover where it goes!

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The Queen’s Handbag

Our topic this term has been all about London and we have loved learning about The Queen’s Hat. Tomorrow we will be reading a new book called The Queen’s Handbag. Before we read it we will be predicting what will happen in the story, what do you think?


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What is a warm colour?

In our art lessons with Miss Bright this half term we have been learning all about colours. We have learnt how to complete a colour wheel and because we like them so much we have decided to make them into a display. Today we started work on them, keep an eye out around school to see them when they are complete!

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Shapes, shapes and more shapes!

We are continuing our learning about shapes this week by looking at 3D shapes! We can recognise a cube, cone, cylinder, sphere, square-based pyramid and cuboid!

We are even learning about their properties such as how many edges, faces and vertices they have. What do you know about 3D shapes?

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Can you follow directions?

We loved seeing the photos of where Miss Salmon visited!

Then we followed directions on a map. We went north, south, east and west!

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Where have you been in London?

This half term we have been learning all about Famous London landmarks and we know so many! How many do you know?

This weekend Miss Salmon went on a trip to London and tomorrow we will be trying to put her pictures that she took onto a map. Do you know the four directions we might use on a map? North, south, east and….? Comment below if you know the answer!


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Road Safety Week!

Last week was Road Safety Week in the U.K. And in Year 1 we decided we want to learn about how to be safe by the road.

We had lots of great ideas such as look both ways and wait for the green man. Then together we came up with some more! We know we should wear bright clothes when it’s dark outside and when we’re in a car we ALWAYS wear a seatbelt!

We hope you are all remembering to be safe by the roads, especially now it’s winter and getting very dark!

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Christmas Counts!

With Christmas on the way Year 1 have begun practsiing for our Christmas production with Reception. Our play this year is called Christmas Counts!

We have been learning the songs and today we did our first full practise with everyone saying their parts! We all did a great job, we just need to work on using our loud clear voices!



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Dear Santa…

Now that we have put up our Christmas tree we have decided it is time to write some letters to Santa to tell him how wonderful we have been this year! We will ask very politely for some super Christmas presents.

What are you asking for?

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