Hilary Robinson

Amazing! Hilary Robinson replied to our questions, click on the speech bubble below to find out her answers. I can’t wait to show this to Year 2, tomorrow!

Ask the Author?

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Where the Poppies Now Grow (Part 3)

After reading, ‘Where the Poppies Now Grow’ Year 2 wanted to know how the soldiers contacted their friends and family. So Mr Broadbent explained how there were no mobile phones, computers, social media or emails so they had to write letters. This led us looking at what letters in the war looked like, a proforma was created and then they choose to write a letter from Ben to Ray. It was so lovely to see them so engaged and positive about their work. This is Manha’s work. I am very proud of what she accomplished. We’re hoping to post more, as soon as we get them scanned. What do you think?

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Ask the Author?

After reading, ‘Where the Poppies Now Grow’ Year 2 wanted to ask Hilary Robinson (The Author) some questions about her book. They asked me to send them on twitter to see if she would respond.

  • How many books have you written? (Corey)
  • What do you like about writing books? (Sarah)
  • How did you think of the idea for the book? (Sienna)
  • Are Ben and Ray real? (Michael)
  • Are they in any of your other stories? (Aziz)
  • How long did it take you to write the book? (Lucas)
  • Was any of your family in the war? (Amaal)
  • How did you think of the title? (Lexan)
  • Is Remembrance Day important to you? (Lilly)
  • Do you have any ideas to help us write? (Manha)
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Where the Poppies Now Grow (Part 2)

Continuing our learning about Remembrance Day and using the wonderful text ’Where the Poppies Now Grow’ Year 2 have decided to make their own comics based on the book. We’ve started by drafting our sentences in preparation for our digital versions.

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Beauty and the Beast (Conversation)

Today, we have been learning how to write questions. Mr Broadbent showed us the beginning of the movie that introduced the Prince, Enchantress and the curse. We discussed what the characters said to each other and wrote a range of statements and questions in the form of a conversation.

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Where the Poppies Now Grow (Part 1)

 This weeks afternoon curriculum in Year 2 is based on the picture book ‘Where the poppies now grow’ set during the First World War. It captures the innocence, sadness and peace that face two childhood friends. #RememberanceDay #LestWeForget

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The Power of One!


A wonderful morning with Sorren Bennick productions. An amazing interactive show taking us through the thoughts and feelings of those who are bullied and the bystanders that do nothing. KS1 are going to continue to be up-standers and promote healthy relationships  #antibullying⁠ ⁠

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Pupils of the Week (Autumn 2 Week 1)

Congratulations to our ‘Pupils of the Week’. We are all very proud of your achievements and we hope to continue enjoying your learning journey.

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Maths (Exchanging)

In Maths, we have have been using our make a model strategy and using place value counters to add 1 digit numbers to 2-digit numbers using exchanging. All the children could use our guide (that we created during Guided Practise) to solve different fluency, problem solving and reasoning questions.

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Healthy Mind UK

Today, Healthy Mind UK came into school and we learned how music was beneficial for our brains. We remembered how our brain has six parts and when we listen to music, all parts of our brain start working. First we listened to 3 different songs and described how it made us feel. One song made us feel calm, while another song made us feel worried. We found out that music makes us feel different emotions. Then, we listened to 3 more and moved to the music, each song made us move in completely different ways.

We loved this part and now we want to listen to more music in class to help us learn.

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