Summer 1 (Home Learning Task)

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Home Learning

Kiera has completed her home learning this weekend. Isn’t it amazing! She has created her own underwater micro-habitat. Who’s going to bring there’s in next?

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Spring 2 (Home Learning Task)

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Computing (Digital Science)

This afternoon Year 2 have been developing their understanding of coding. They read a range of algorithms, they instructed Year 2 on how to code their Bee Bots. This allowed them to travel around key sites in Manchester.

Miss Parkinson challenged us by giving us incorrect algorithms, so we had to change them or debug them to make them work correctly again.

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Science Week (Miss Parkinson)

We excitedly got involved in some new Science learning around the theme of ‘journeys’. Our British Science Week topic. Miss Parkinson explained what a micro-habitat was and where we could find them. We worked in our collaborative learning groups to identify micro-habitats and the creatures that could be found there. While we were doing this, Miss Parkinson helped us make our own micro-habitat that we are going to observe over the next few weeks.

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Fractions (Quarters, Halves, Three-Quarters)

Today, we used objects to find fractions of numbers. To do this we first identified the denominator. This allowed us to determine how many circles to use. We then shared the correct number of objects. After that, we identified the numerator. This told us how many circles we had to use to count the objects in. We completed this task in our collaborative learning groups. We even moved on to using pictorial models to help us answer our fraction problems.

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Science Week (Miss Davies)

This is the beginning of British Science Week and Year 2 were given the opportunity to work with Miss Davies our Science Lead on answering the question: ‘How will Humpty Dumpty land on Mars?’

They used a range of materials to ensure that their egg survived a fall from a great height.

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Digital Literacy and Green Screen

This week, Year 2 have used World Book Day 2019 as a focus to use half tone and half tone 2 to develop their knowledge of sentence types when creating their own comics. We have used google to find an appropriate background and then the Green Screen App to add their character to the background.

Let us know what you think!

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Hilary Robinson

Amazing! Hilary Robinson replied to our questions, click on the speech bubble below to find out her answers. I can’t wait to show this to Year 2, tomorrow!

Ask the Author?

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Where the Poppies Now Grow (Part 3)

After reading, ‘Where the Poppies Now Grow’ Year 2 wanted to know how the soldiers contacted their friends and family. So Mr Broadbent explained how there were no mobile phones, computers, social media or emails so they had to write letters. This led us looking at what letters in the war looked like, a proforma was created and then they choose to write a letter from Ben to Ray. It was so lovely to see them so engaged and positive about their work. This is Manha’s work. I am very proud of what she accomplished. We’re hoping to post more, as soon as we get them scanned. What do you think?

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