Breaking news…elf arrives in Year 3

Just after lunch, Mrs Young appeared with a very special visitor for Year 3…she announced that a mysterious elf had landed in her office, with a letter for the class. Why is he here?? Was he the intruder Mrs Hough had seen on her Santa Cam? Is the elf door in 3M his?

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Celebrating our differences

As part of Anti-Bullying Week, Year 3 children wore odd socks with their Children in Need costumes, to celebrate that they are all unique and very special!

Can you recognise who is who from their socks???

2017-11-18 09.09.08.jpg

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Who was the banger bandit??

Miss Crossley’s Maths group have had great fun solving problems to find out who stole the hotdogs…it was Pete Parkin!

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Happy Halloween

Year 3 children have come in some fabulous Halloween costumes and disguises…we don’t recocognise some of them!!


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Staying safe online

Well done Year 3 for thinking very well about how to stay safe online. We particularly enjoyed deciding which images were real or fake!

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Year 3 are heroes!!

A massive well done to all the Year 3 pupils for their fabulous assembly about heroes – they showed they can do extraordinary things!

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How to look after our teeth

Year 3 had a fabulous visit today from Miss Dibnah of the Oral Health team – explaining how to looks after their teeth and even getting them to clean them for two whole minutes!!

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How did the ancient Greeks carry water?

Year 3 have had great (messy) fun today using papier-mâché to make part of a Grecian vase!!

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International Day

In Year 3 we missed tasting any foods yesterday because of the Godly Greeks – we have made up for it today by tasting lots of super Greek foods, mmmm!

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Healthy Minds!!

The children in Year 3 have really enjoyed learning about their brains and how to stimulate them. The Big Brain was really exciting!

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