Can you light the bulb?

We loved investigating circuits today!

We learnt that all the components must me connected for the bulb to light up!


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Can you represent what 34 X 4 looks like?

Year 4 have been using their multiplication facts to solve 2 digit by 1 digit multiplication problems this week!

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How Would You Wash Your Woolly Mammoth?

This week we have read the story How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth. We loved the ideas in the book and have learnt all about how to write a set of instructions!

We are writing instructions for how to wash another animal. We have got ‘How to Wash a Terrible Tiger’, ‘How to Wash a Ginormous Giraffe’ and ‘How to Wash a Cheeky Cheetah’, as well as many others!


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Times Table Rock Stars!

Year 4 have been working hard on their sixes and seven times tables this week.

They have been representing multiplications using equations, pictures and bar models!

Make sure you work on your times tables this weekend on Times Tables Rock Stars!

Follow the link below!


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Stone Age Adventures at Brockholes!

Year 4 had a brilliant time on their trip to Brockholes Nature Reserve on Tuesday! Furthering our learning about The Stone Age, we built Stone Age shelters, played hunting games and created cave paintings! Our favourite activity was learning how to make a fire, because we then toasted some delicious marshmallows on it! What a fantastic day!

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Pupils of the Week (Autumn 2 Week 1)

Congratulations to our ‘Pupils of the Week’. We are all very proud of your achievements and we hope to continue enjoying your learning journey.

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Tudor Homes

This afternoon year 4 have been constructing their Tudor homes.

Can you share a fact you know about Tudor homes?

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Why do our ice-creams melt?

To begin our next topic in Science we went outside to ask ourselves why our ice-creams melt.

What have you learnt from today’s lesson?


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Outdoor Learning

As part of our outdoor learning Year 4 loved recreating Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream! Who can summarise this complex plot?

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