Getting your 5 a day!

We’re having a carrot overload in Year 4!  Aldi has been ransacked!

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To live forever: for or against?

Year 4 demonstrated their debating skills as they argued whether it would be good to be able to live forever. We created a conscience alley as the pupils shared their opinions and respectfully listened to others.

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What a fantastic morning we had at the Macron Stadium watching Aladdin.  The children loved every second and did our school proud with their manners and behaviour as always.

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Animal Habitats

Why is it important for animals to live in the right habitat?

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Setting Description

This morning 4ND are editing and improving their setting descriptions of the Chinese garden.  They are working exceptionally hard to ensure they meet their writer’s toolkit.

Can you share your simile that you have used?

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Coming soon…

Santa’s grotto coming soon to a school near you 🎅🏼

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Animal investigation

Year 4 spent their afternoon investigating how we can classify animals and what habitats are we likely to find these animals in.

Here’s food for thought Year 4 – can a fish survive in the desert? Why?

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The Emperor


He had been waiting all day, and now the moment had arrived. His beady, coal-black eyes narrowed. Against the unending blanket of snow that surrounded him, his slick fur looked as dark as the sky at night. The emperor penguin stood completely still, poised for action. This might be his only chance…

Can you continue the story of the emperor penguin? What is it he has been waiting for all day?

Alternatively, you could write a diary about a day in the life of an emperor penguin.


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Moz the Monster

Wow! What an amazing display Mrs Schofield and Mr Wills have done (after Miss Daisley failed with her measuring). Year 4’s letters are now displayed beautifully for all to see.

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Congratulations to Bartosz and Jorja on winning the advent calendar raffle Mrs Hough so cleverly made… We tried to persuade them to keep them in class so they weren’t keen 😉 Enjoy…



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