Sports Man and Woman!

Well done to Kia and Brandon who were selected by Miss Salmon and Miss Holland to receive sports medals!

They were chosen for their efforts and great resilience!

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Sports Day!

Year 4 have had a fantastic morning for sports day!

They showed great sportsmanship during all their races. We love the traditional egg and spoon race, sack race, sprint and then a final obstacle race.

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4 Maple are really enjoying having Mademoiselle Yarwood in class this week!

She is a French teacher so we have been doing lots of French activities!

Our favourite new game is Banane! Put tests our numbers in French and our times tables at the same time!

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What state am I in?

This afternoon we discussed the 3 different states of materials.

Solids. Liquids. Gases.

We were given some balloons that were filled with materials in these 3 states. We looked at them, touched them and listen to them and then we looked at what we could do with what was inside.

The ice was a solid so it kept its shape and couldn’t be poured.

The water was a liquid so we could pour it and it took the shape of the container it was in.

The final balloon was filled with gas, which can flow easily ans takes the shape of the container it is in.



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What are melting and freezing?

Year 4 are really enjoying their new science topic States of Matter! Yesterday we investigated how quickly a range of materials melted at different temperatures!

We looked at chocolate, metal, butter and wax.

We kept all the variables the same apart from the temperature. We tried to melt the materials using warm water, hot water and nearly boiling water.

Below are some pictures of us observing the changes.

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Do you think you could sneak into the King’s Palace?

In our English this half term we are reading about a boy called Jack Briars.

In our text, Spy Master, the young boy is sent to work in the King’s Court!

Jack initially thought he would end up in the kitchens because everybody thought he was an urchin and a vagabond! But due to his honesty and quick wit he has managed to get a job as a scribe for Master Thomas Cromwell.

This week we imagined we were Jack and wrote letters in Tudor English.

We loved learning Tudor phrases such as ‘What sayest thou?’ and ‘My garb be soiled’.

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Year 4 are enjoying learning about their topic The Tudors by reading Treason by author Berlin Doherty!

We are following the story of William, a young boy who lives during the Tudor period.

In the first few chapters his brother has drowned, his friend Brother John has been sent away and now he’s off to the King’s court!

We cant wait to find out what happens when he gets there!

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Double, double toil and trouble!

Thank you so much to family and friends who came to watch Year 4’s assembly this morning!

We loved showing you all the learning we have been doing so far this term!

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Healthy Hearts and Healthy Minds!

Year 4 LOVED taking care of their ‘Healthy Minds’ by increasing their heart rates and getting their oxygen flowing this afternoon!

Aidan was a fab goal scorer and Uzair was amazing in goal!

Great team work Year 4! 

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“Oil pastels are hard to use!”

This afternoon, we created designs in the style of Collier And Campbell. They are two sisters whose designs are now used in fashion and printed on a range of products such as bags and clothes.

We love the bold patterns and bright colours they use and after imitated their work in our previous lessons this week we created our own designs in their style.

The work we have produced will be going on display in the Library area after Easter so please keep an eye out for it!

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