What do you know about fractions?

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What do owls eat?

To enhance our learning in Science, Year 4 had a phenomenal afternoon dissecting owl pellets. Demonstrating excellent scientific enquiry, Year 4 were able to identify different bones found in the pellets to make skeletons of the owl’s prey. What did you find? What different categories make up a food chain?

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Fun with fractions

Year 4 had a fantastic practical lesson thinking about fractions. What equivalent fractions do you know? What fractions can you convert to decimals?

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Friday feeling!

Happy Friday from Year 4!

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Happy World Book Day from Year 4

Once upon a time…

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What makes a good communicator?

What makes a good communicator? Why is it important to communicate with other? Who do you communicate with and why?

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Fair Trade Role Play!

Year 4 showed themselves to be fantastic budding actors and actresses as we learnt about poverty in the world and how Fair Trade can help to alleviate poverty. What is poverty? How can Fair Trade help people in Poverty? What is Fair Trade?

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The Truth about Tortoises

This morning in reading we are finding key information out about tortoises. Can you share any interesting facts about tortoises with everyone?

My interesting fact is that tortoises drink both from their mouth and bottom.

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Esio Trot story map

Year 4 had a fantastic time creating their story maps this morning. Can you recall part of the story using the noun phrases, conjunctions and fronted adverbials we discussed.

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Maths Working Wall

Year 4 have a brand new working wall to demonstrate their Maths learning. What are we learning this week? Can you give any examples?

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