Tudor Homes

This afternoon year 4 have been constructing their Tudor homes.

Can you share a fact you know about Tudor homes?

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Why do our ice-creams melt?

To begin our next topic in Science we went outside to ask ourselves why our ice-creams melt.

What have you learnt from today’s lesson?


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Outdoor Learning

As part of our outdoor learning Year 4 loved recreating Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream! Who can summarise this complex plot?

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Queen Elizabeth

Year 4 are having a fantastic afternoon testing their artistic skills drawing and painting Queen Elizabeth I.

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Who is Beatrix Potter?

This afternoon we have been introduced to our inspirational woman, Beatrix Potter.  4ND have spent some time researching this lady finding out lots of interesting facts about her life and legacy.

Please share any facts below…

by Charles King, circa 1913

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A Midsummer Night’s Dream

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Tudor Dance

Year 4 are learning a Tudor dance, what differences did you notice between Tudor dancing and modern day?

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First Aid

Year 4 had the brilliant opportunity to learn about First Aid with Paul from Bolton Wanderers. What important information did you learn?

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The Torturing Tudors

This afternoon in topic we have been learning about punishments during the Tidor period… The year 4 children couldn’t believe how different they were to those punishments of today.

Can you share an interesting fact?


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