Over the weekend . . .

don’t forget to practice your maths skills by going on TT Rockstars and by completing your homework on Hegarty Maths.

Have a fun weekend!

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Emergency zoo has been exposed!

The emergency zoo from our quality text has been discovered!

So this week we are writing a newspaper article about the discovery of the hidden pets. In English yesterday to help we planned our newspaper report and some of Year 6  added a different perspective to the original story by using the creating layer of the blooms taxonomy triangle.


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Year 6’s attitude to learning this week has been amazing! We are so proud of you all!      One more test to go!

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#BSW219 – Journeys

As this week is British Science week, Year 6 had the opportunity to work together to create a journey poster. This year, The British Science Association’s annual poster competition is the theme of journeys to celebrate that the Euro tunnel is 25 years old this year! For our project, we created a ‘journey’ through WW2.

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Could you survive in the wild?

This week in English, Year 6 have became epic explorers like Bear Grylls! We are going to write our own set of instructions on ‘How to survive in the wild’.

To help us do this we have record imperative verbs and time adverbials that we could use in our writing and researched what we would need to do in the wild all alone.


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Maths Breakfast Club

Every Tuesday Year 6 starts their learning early by coming to our Maths Breakfast Club, which is a brilliant opportunity to practice and apply our maths skills!

This week in Mrs Dickson’s group we have been having lots of success with tricky long division as well as practising our basic skills.

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Anti-bullying week – Choose respect!

In a world that is quick to criticise and put others down, it is our job to show kindness and love.

Today in Year 6, we made our own compliment hearts where we had an opportunity to share positive/ nice comments  about each other.


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A Great Week

Year 6 have all tried so hard this week and we are very proud of how well you have done! 

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Lest we forget

As it is Remembrance day this Sunday, Year 6 had a chance to make their own poppies to symbolise those who have given their lives in battle. They will be then be used to make a whole school display.

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Testing week!

In Year 6 this week we have been completing some practice tests and we have definitely been trying our best!

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